Every business’s backbone is now technology. Without technology companies are irrelevant towards competition and be competitive in the market.

Companies are adopting technology to cater each and every step of business function execution to boost efficiency of people. Also technology helping to make organisations process driven.

Indirect purchase or procurement is also tedious task in procurement department. Efficiency in this department is boosting admin related services and reducing cost hugely.

Let’s understand Indirect purchase

Indirect purchase involves purchasing goods and services, supplies, and materials that are  required to keep the day-to-day business running through support functions. Indirect purchase may include purchases such as buying office supply, employee gifts, tea coffee , repairing equipment, maintenance, travel, or other services.

Without indirect purchase functions, businesses wouldnt be able to operate effectively. Typically, contribution of indirect purchase varies from industry to industry. In manufacturing it somewhere around 15% – 20% of total revenue. In service / software industries it somewhere around 10% – 15% of total revenue

Indirect purchase categories

These are some of the most common indirect purchase categories:

  • Office supplies (ie. office furniture, stationery, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Tea, Coffee & Gifts for employees
  • Human resources (ie. training, hiring, professional development, etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Utilities (ie. water, electricity, gas, and rent)
  • Office supplies (ie. office furniture, stationery, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Travel
Technology brings Efficiency & Transparency
Vendor Management

Vendor management is a department that enables organisations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle. If vendors are executing entire lifecycle through technology then pace in which integration happens is excellent & efficient.

Efficient Ordering

Indirect purchase intended to run the support functions, Without this there will be uncomfortable execution in business functions. Again this department has frequent frequency of ordering. Technology plays key role in capturing order pipeline and making efficient order visibility from indenting to delivery.      

Consumption Tracking

Mostly Indirect purchase done in consumption base products, So this has variable factor along with occupancy rate in the offices & business hubs. Tracking all stakeholders together to have consumption forecasting in place. Technology is helping companies to track consumption and to avoid abrupt spending on indirect purchase and tracking on cost.

Inventory Management

Keeping inventory more than 15days may not help in indirect purchase. As mostly all companies expecting to resource it locally. But tracking this is crucial because it includes complex & huge products varieties. Technology is required which keeps track of inventory and auto ordering as per minimum order in stock. Keeping track of inventory and maintaining optimally helloing many organisation to save huge on investment.

Cost Optimisation

Cost is major factor where organisations are maintaining their support functions and offerings internally. Analysis & comparison is the only activity in which organisation can forecast costs towards indirect purchase. Technology filling these gaps and making available all the comparison & analysis on a single click based on past data & future forecasting.

Hassle free Administration

Administration is the department which manages all the indirect purchase and office supply availability inside the organisations. Technology helping administration management to make availability of all the facts & tracing of all activities. Analytics helping them to have all things in control

Offiso india is making distribution simplify for all institutional needs & office supply. It executes all the operations through technology and also provides technology to all it’s clients & brands. Company associated with many brands to distribute their products to corporates.

Currently Offiso India deals in,

  • Tea / coffee vending machine,
  • Snacks vending machine
  • Hygiene Products
  • Feminine Care in corporates
  • Corporate gifting & Welcome kits
  • Office Stationary
  • Plants on rent & decoration services
  • Foods, water bottles & Snacks on demand
  • Housekeeping material

Lets connect to understand further with us shivanand@offisoindia.com